About Front Line Marketing

Front Line Marketing staff outdoors

Front Line Marketing was founded in 2002 and has helped over 30,000 customers get the best price and value on their TV, Internet, phone and Home Security/ Automation services. Our foundation as a company lies within our integrity and expert ability to acquire new customers for our respected clients.

Our ability to retain valued customers is undeniable and our relationships with our clients are steady and long lasting. FLM has worked continuously since its inception.

Because of our focus of engaging only non-subscriber and single-play residential customers we have achieved the highest Internet and Phone attach rates as well as Triple Play, Completion and retention rates in the industry.

We are grateful to have been labeled “the best in the business” by our clients. 

Mission Statement:
Our mission is to provide the highest degree of client, customer, and community satisfaction while continuously exhibiting professionalism, integrity, and commitment.